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About Wikilogia Hackathon

Wikilogia Hackathon is an annual competition over three months, designed to empower university students to build and launch their first technical projects solving real-world problems on the local or global level.

This programme is a collaboration between the Syrian Computer Society (SCS) and the The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), which is implemented by the youth of Wikilogia, a volunteer network of young professionals and college students inside and outside Syria established in 2011.

Why Wikilogia Hackathon

Through Wikilogia Hackathon, you will get the chance to build a full project using engineering methodologies, and with the same steps of professional and real life projects. Starting from addressing a problem to find the best solution, including requirments analysis and implementation. This experiment will be useful for you to learn the engineering fundementals to build the project, in addition to the right thinking methods to build the solution step by step.

The Hackathon is based on two phases, the first is a technical bootcamp for each of the four tracks, including the newest tools with the help of expert engineers in these fields. The second phase participants will sart applying what they learn to build their projects.


Syrian Computer Society

The SCS was established in 1989. Its objective is to help develop the IT culture in the Syrian society, among students, businessmen, government officials and others.



Wikilogia is a collaborative community of engineering students in Damascus, Syria, envisioning an economically empowered generation of students with marketable global and regional competencies.



UNFPA is the lead UN agency for delivering a world where every pregnancy is wanted, every childbirth is safe and every young person's potential is fulfilled.


Hackathon Tracks

  • Web and Mobile Apps
  • Develop applications that connect people and information in creative ways
  • Gaming Applications
  • Develop games that include creative ideas or application aspect such as educational games
  • Machine Learning and Data Science
  • Develop applications and algorithms that automate everyday decisions made by humans
  • Electronics and Embedded Systems
  • Develop consumer electronics devices and microcontroller-based applications

Program Timeline


14 August Application form open

Apply as a team of 2-3 participants with up to 3 project ideas


29 August Application form closed

Applications are studies by a committee.


8 September Accepted teams informed

Most prominent ideas and passionate team members are selected


16 September - 7 October Technical Training Sessions

A 9-session intense program that will introduce you practically to the fundamental technical concepts in each track


7 October - 7 December Project Phase

Teams will start to work on their ideas with the help of mentors


Starting from 15 October Mentoring Sessions

The project phase will include 5 mentoring sessions in which teams will discuss specific deliverables related to their projects


17 DecemberJudging and Ceremony Day

Projects will be present their work in front of an independent committee. Projects with the most robust implementation and creative ideas are to rank first.

How is Eligible

Participation is open for all those who are interested in developing application-oriented technical projects, with the following eligibility criteria


All team members should age between 18 and 25


You should apply in a team of 2-3 members


Team members should be able to attend and deliver the deliverables at the specified times


Each track has some prerequisites that should be met

Hackathon Prizes

Gold Prize

500,000 S.P

For the first ranking project in each track

Silver Prize

250,000 S.P

For the second ranking project in each track